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The human condition is one of many languages, and as a result STEM is practiced and shared through many cultures and languages. This means that items in languages other than English will be shared here.

What is Confusion Research Center?

An un-incorporated non-profit distributed hands-on STEM hackerspace using real and virtual teams working on real world problems.

In 1984 a hands-on science museum, Discovery Hall, was started in Austin, TX by Dr. Jack Turner and Dr. Karl Trappe operating until 1991. The BBS was called Confusion Research Center. In 2006 it became apparent to some Discovery Hall alumni that it was time for a rebirth and a search for founders and board members was begun. Our mission is to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) using the Socratic Method and hands-on methodologies. The second aspect of our effort is to be distributed across individuals, groups, and geography. Our primary inspirations are Nikola Tesla, Douglas Engelbart, Harold Rheingold, Richard Feynman, the Exploratorium, the MIT Media Lab, the Cypherpunks, Lawrence Lessig, a growing hackerspace community, and our own experience doing STEM. [The Mother of all Demos] [Smart Mob] [Smart Mobs] [Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace]

Membership Requirements

"Men and women wanted for hazardous journey. No wages, bitter cold and sweltering heat, long hours of bright darkness. Safety doubtful. Wonder certain. More of the same in the event of success." [2]

Membership in CRC is not a requirement to participate in many of our activities. Members help fund the more advanced and adventerous activities we engage in, they are critical to our existence. Please contact us if you would like to take a more active role in the organization.

We do have a basic rule that governs all activities:

No police, other LEA, firemen, EMTs, tax men, or other authority figures in a bad mood. If your project requires insurance, licenses, or needs to meet other regulatory requirements it is not CRC's responsibility to provide them.

Lifestyle Management

Part of a healthy mind is a healthy body, and finding the time and a range of acceptable activities can be a challenge. Many of the activities we sponsor include hikes, climbs, and water components over a range of skill levels. Some activities require travel, back country, or specialised skills over extended periods of time and distance with considerable financial costs. We require at least Wilderness First Aid and CPR training if leading events of this sort, renewed every other year at your cost. [Leave No Trace] [REI (Austin, TX)] [The Expedition School] [NOLS] [AMGA]

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From: Ellen Owens [mailto:ellen.owens@austinisd.org] 
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2016 11:25 AM
To: Ellen Owens 
Subject: Internships and LASA
My name is Ellen Owens I am a robotics and SciTech teacher at LASA High School
in Austin ISD. 
We are looking for any internship opportunities available for our students
relating to CAD, design, or programming. These contacts I would only provide to
students who independently show the interest, responsibility, and knowledge to
do so. All of our student learn SolidWorks as freshmen and many continue in our
engineering classes or on our robotics team and many study programming in
multiple classes.
If you know of any opportunities at your companies or organization we would
love to pass them on. Please feel free to contact me for any other questions
you have about LASA.

Thank you,
Ellen Owens

Algebra 1 
PreCal AB

Some Recurrent Events and Activities

Contact Information

James Choate
512-657-1279 8AM - 10PM CT